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*[The World of EBM-INDUSTRIAL.NL.The ultimate place of electronic E-zine from The Netherlands]
Hello My name is Ruud Dreessen,and I'm from The Netherlands,Thank you for stopping by my ebm-industrial.nl page
ebm-industrial.nl is a webzine that is publishing information on Electronic music since the year 2003.We have been down for a short period, but now we are back.Let us explain,
to those who are here on a first visit, what this webzine is all about.
ebm-industrial.nl is committed to supporting any one of the bands on this page.We offer an opportunity of information presentation to:The Underground Music of Gothic,
electro, Harsh EBM, future pop, synth-pop, old-school EBM, industrial, TBM, power noise and IDM.Here you can find everything about electronic music from cd-reviews to band information
Also this page is a source where bands can give notice about their newest projects and music.
Please visit our Link page, where we have a list of the official websites of all the bands connected to this website. If you want your bands official website and information on this list,
please contact me at ebm-industrial@live.nl and we will see to it.
We do however would like to give everyone a fair chance, so if you have your link on this website, we would like you to link back to us on your own website. You can do this in the way of banner, or simply make a text link.
(you can find some of our banners on the “MySpace” and on this website via the “Impressum” link in the menu bar)
Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your stay.
The ebm-industrial team
                                                 This website is currently under construction so keep checking back for more information and updates. 
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