Captain Orange

Cynical Minds Recordings just signed a deal with the Swedish band Captain Orange.Their release miss grey,a have digital download in my collection the Zweden synthpop duo is called “miss grey” the album is a nice experience the album starts off with the very nice,more than 04:04 minutes long,song ‘miss grey”,this song has a good structure and is one of the best songs of the album miss grey have two mixen by Neurobash and deZeptive its very cool this album a like the band Captain Orange is very cool.the first thing that appealed to me was the positive structure of all the songs on the album. Most bands in the synthpop scene.The second song on the album is called ‘electrofied”and has hit-potential.This song is very positive and makes me feel really good.It has a good structure and a catchy tune.The rest of the songs mainly have the same positive ebm as what I just described.The whole album is positive and synthpop. Unfortunately it isn’t very original.The question is: Does that matter? For me the answer is ‘no’.I really like to have some “lighter” albums in my collection and this album really fits that description.If you like some lighter music or you are really into synthpop this album is one that shouldn’t let you’s a good album.go and get this album,it’s the best way to meet the music of this Swedish synthpop,miss grey”

Releasedate: 2008-12-05 look

Rating: 8/10

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