Sunao Inami

Sunao Inami “How bow” 2

Hell people this time i will talk some stuff about a mind blowing experience how will give you a direct trip to space.
I got this cd from Japan from ofcourse ebm -industrial.This tunes will blow your mind,recorded at Cave studio in Japan.
The tracks and stuff lik e that where composes from Sunao Inami.The sounds are wicked.The cd starts with dark industrial sounds like totaly screwd up digeridoo echos.Sounds you might think of totaly spaced out robots having a nice confersation about the wheater.
The cd is realy relaxting i listen the cd when i got to go to my work when i have to wake up at 6.00,it give me an ablsolute relax feeling, people i will recomend this cd to chill the fu***k out,yeah people back to basic.The numbers worg1 an yun and of course canyon where my favorites .This was absolute a nice peose of industrial Dark ambient noise wicked.Great catch you later have a good trip with this cd.9 tracks,73min 50sec.1,000 copies ltd.Made in Japan

My opinion: I give it a 7,6

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